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Child Labour – The Legacy

Hopefully “Conversations” will not just be wine stories all the time, so here is a story that ends up in wine but certainly did not start that way. I was born to very constructive, attention to detail, positive parents who worked extremely hard long hours at what they did so well. My father was a […]

So Why Cabernet Franc?

Many years ago (1984) I was Consulting Winemaker/Manager to Kies Winery at Lyndoch in the southern Barossa Valley. Walking into the fermentation room one morning there was a lovely floral smell of violets coming from one particular tank, something not experienced before.  It was Cabernet Franc from Kies own vineyards, in full ferment. So distinctly […]

How are they lasting?

1986 GRAND MERLOT 30 Years Old                          13.0% Alcohol Imported Bottle                    55mm Cork Our Second Grand Merlot Tasted July 2016 Still brick red but with tawny tones at the rim Bouquet Moderate lift with forest floor aromas; some fruit; slight five spice oak, touch of pink mushroom and ferns Quite fresh after one and a half […]

Cabernet Franc

The mystery of why so much Cabernet Franc is part of the great red wines of Europe became a part of my winemaking life some twenty-five years ago. If it is so valuable a variety in Europe, then why is so little grown and used in Australia? 5,500 tonnes out of the 1,700,000 tonnes crushed […]

First Awards Coming in!

MARJICO CABERNET FRANC WINE FIRST AWARD. In the next issue of WBM ( Wine Business Magazine) you will find that 2014 received 92 points in the Top 100 Wines review section. Details to follow.   Reviews from Denis Gastin – noted Wine judge Japan/ wine writer on note. 7/08/2017. 2014 Marjico Gentle violet aromas that […]

Flavour and Temperature – White, Rose and Sparkling

THE LEFT FIELD EVENT Brandy, malt and blended Whisky, Armagnac, Cognac, Calvados, or any spirit at all! This is a very personal opinion but one well worth trying, for your own amusement and hopefully enjoyment. At this many spirit drinkers will think this sacrilegious but that spirit burn that comes with undiluted spirits really is […]

Flavour and Temperature

WHITE, ROSE AND SPARKLING WINES No doubt many Marjico Wines’ Friends are well experienced in this subject, but these observations may further that interest. The everyday domestic refrigerators tend to operate at 1-4°C so any white, sparkling or rose wine that comes straight away to a glass will indeed be within this range. So that […]

Older Vintages

Over the years we have had a number of experiences when we have opened older vintages.  The following remarks may help you understand some of the happenings that can occur when serving these wines. Storage As with all cork sealed wines, these old wines need constant temperature (around 15-16°C) and constant humidity (about 85%) to […]


Have you ever wondered where these came from? People would remember the wood and steel strap racks that were imported and very expensive. Well I am about to tell you a story that no doubt will cause comment and maybe disagreement. Currently you will find these bottle racks across the nation in homes as well […]

Welcome to “Conversations”

“Conversations” is a two-way street where Q & A (Questions and Answers) are welcome, as are general comments about wine. It is also the news section for our new (yet to be named) wine venture for the Irvine Family. As there has been no mention till now about selling our Irvine wine business in November […]