Flavour and Temperature – White, Rose and Sparkling


Brandy, malt and blended Whisky, Armagnac, Cognac, Calvados, or any spirit at all!

This is a very personal opinion but one well worth trying, for your own amusement and hopefully enjoyment.

At this many spirit drinkers will think this sacrilegious but that spirit burn that comes with undiluted spirits really is not that pleasant.

Do I hear, “That’s just part of the whole reason and experience of fine spirits”, well to me that’s rubbish!  It hurts the throat!!  So why do it!

Many, many years ago I was trained to being a distiller as part of my “apprenticeship” to become a winemaker.

Brandy, neutral fortifying spirit, gin, vodka, liqueurs all came within the lessons.  Single, double and triple distilling in both pot-still and continuous still as well as the liqueur stills.

Fascinating watching (and tasting) as the spirit ran from the still or the liqueur developed.

The “heads”, the first part that comes off; then the beautiful “heart run”; followed by “the tails.”  “The heads” are the highest and ethereal of vapours; “the tails” really oily and stinky – boot polish material!

Low and behold if the “cutting in” and “cutting out” of “the heart turn” was not correct and clean!

This art/skill of the distillers could be distinguished in the tastings even to the point of telling which distiller had made which run.  Amazing but true.

Not to the point.

Having your choice of spirit and one quarter to one third of very hot water – be whichever spirit.  Yes, up to one third of hot water.

“That will absolutely destroy it”, I hear.  “Just try it I say!”

When the spirit comes from the still it is sampled by breaking it back in strength to eliminate “the spirit burn” and let any faults show.  This way the best is set aside and the worst may even be sent for re-distilling.

So what’s in it for me?

A magnificent lifted bouquet!  A joyous mouthful of superb flavours!  No damned spirit burn!  And to top it off you get 33% more to enjoy!

Just try it – sip by sip!



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