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“Conversations” is a two-way street where Q & A (Questions and Answers) are welcome, as are general comments about wine.

It is also the news section for our new (yet to be named) wine venture for the Irvine Family.

As there has been no mention till now about selling our Irvine wine business in November 2014, it seems timely for us now to do so, for the new owners have made public comment in various magazines about “The New Era for Irvine Wines”.

Well there is another New Era for “The Irvine Family in Wine”, and it follows the incredible success we had in making our globally recognised Merlots.

So what lies in future?

Starting with Merlot in 1983 we chose the Super Premium approach of making Merlot as a varietal, not a blend component, as most wineries did at that time.

Now we wish to repeat the process but with another relatively unknown variety, but one of huge importance in Europe – Cabernet Franc – and some fascinating blend cousins!

We hope to have the first of these (2014) available as of September 2016.  Limited in quantity but absolutely super deluxe in style and character.

More about this later.

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